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We are delighted that you have chosen to submit your work for consideration. Please know that we carefully consider all submissions and value the work you have put in. We know that your film is your "baby" and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us to review it. 

Let's make sure we are the right fit before you spend the time to submit your film.

A Little About Us

Hawk Hill Pictures, is an independent distribution and marketing company that passionately champions impactful, inspirational films, dedicated to quality storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.

What We Are Looking For

Hawk Hill Pictures is seeking films that leave a lasting legacy and inspire audiences. We provide full-scale marketing and distribution support for selected projects.

We are looking for films that are memorable and inspiring. Films should be made for a commercial audience, with preference given to those that could be released theatrically. We love to distribute faith-based films, romance, action, comedy, dramas, and more. In special cases, we will accept completed episodic content if an entire series is created.

The Specifics 

  • We accept feature films of all genres.


  • Types of content we are not currently accepting:

    • Documentaries

    • Black & White content

    • Arthouse and experimental films that won't appeal to a broad audience

    • Very low-budget films


  • We welcome non-English films, provided they include English subtitles. Preference is given to English language films.


  • For completed films, you MUST include a private screener. We cannot assess a completed feature based solely on a trailer.

  • We only accept screeners hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Film Freeway. Screeners that must be downloaded (Google Drive, Dropbox, or other platforms) will NOT be reviewed.

  • ​For films in development or currently filming, please submit as much info as you can below.  submit your pitch deck and completed script.

  • HHP will NOT respond to:

    • Short films

    • Content with a duration of less than 70 minutes

    • Content already distributed in North America by a distributor or self-released on platforms

    • Content already represented by a Sales Agent or Distributor


Are you ready to start the journey with Hawk Hill Pictures? We're excited to meet you!  Please use the form below to get started.

Submit Your Feature Film or Series

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Thanks for submitting!

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